netplan-status - query networking state of the running system


netplan [--debug] status -h|--help

netplan [--debug] status [interface]


netplan status [interface] queries the current network configuration and displays it in human-readable format.

You can specify interface to display the status of a specific interface.

Currently, netplan status depends on systemd-networkd as a source of data and will try to start it if it’s not masked.


-h, --help

Print basic help.


Print debugging output during the process.

-a, --all

Show all interface data including inactive.


Analyze and display differences between the current system configuration and network definitions present in the YAML files. The configuration analyzed includes IP addresses, routes, MAC addresses, DNS addresses, search domains and missing network interfaces.

The output format is similar to popular diff tools, such diff and git diff. Configuration present only in the system (and therefore missing in the Netplan YAMLs) will be displayed with a + sign and will be highlighted in green. Configuration present only in Netplan (and therefore missing in the system) will be displayed with a - sign and highlighted in red. The same is applied to network interfaces.


Same as --diff but omits all the information that is not a difference.


Read YAML files from this root instead of /.


Show extra information.

-f FORMAT, --format FORMAT

Output in machine-readable json or yaml format.


netplan(5), netplan-get(8), netplan-ip(8)